Dear customer, it's business as usual in very unusual times. Hygiene has always been our top priority and this is no different in the age of the Covid-19 virus. We operate in the safest possible manner. Both for ourselves and for our customers. So feel free to order all your spice blends as needed and we'll make sure they arrive at your front door.


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Small batch spice blends for the
adventurous home cook.

Unbland is an Amsterdam based company producing and selling small batch spice blends. Handmade on order to ensure freshness. Unbland is built around curiosity, creativity and exploration.

Unbland is more than a product. It's a story. A story that explores the vast and never ending world of spices. Through taste we try to transport you to places both familiar and undiscovered. We cook, we blend, we fail, we try again. For that is the life of an adventurous home cook.

Unbland staple collection Nº 01

Unbland is a thoughtfully curated brand, set out to create the very best in spice blends for any home cook. Our spice routine consists of three simple steps.

№ 1

Unlearn: Forget the old ways of cooking. Try something new and think different.


№ 2

Unbland: The days of merely salting your food are gone. No more bland food. Experiment.


№ 3

Reclaim: Unleash your tastebugs. Viva la revolucion and never go back!

Handmade on order for freshness

7 Days a week