International Jazz Day

Jazz up your cooking

Today, April 30th, is International Jazz Day and marks its 10th Anniversary. Reason enough to kick off our Spotify Unbland Sessions with a 2+ hours selection of three jazz greats; Kenny Dorham, Blue Mitchell and Sonny Rollins.

Jazz and cooking have been paired long before I started blending spices or took an interest in cooking alone. Many restaurateurs have advertised themselves as the Miles Davis of cooking. Or the big band of burgers. Or the Satchmo of deserts. Whatever comparison you want to make, there is a undeniable connection between jazzmusic and cooking. Or maybe any music for that matter.

Jazz is all about technique, appreciation, knowing the basics, having an open mind and discovery. Much can be said about cooking. Both disciplines have their ups and downs and can teach us more from failure than from success. In the end jazz music inspires -that is if you’re a fan- and a cook that is inspired will be more creative. Leading to better food on the table.

For now, tune in to our little Spotify selection. Preferably before cooking so you have some time coming up with something creative and prepare your mise en place (aka getting your shit together). You have at least 2 hours.

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