La Kama

La Kama is a Moroccan spice blend and features five spices. It is originally from Tangier and is a simpler version of the complex and more famous Ras El Hanout mix. La Kama is an all-round blend to flavour soups and stews or as a rub for chicken or lamb.

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Ingredients: black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, ginger.

Net. Wt. 35grams / approx 1.25oz

Best used within 3 months

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La Kama is a Moroccon spice blend and features five spices. Black pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric and ginger. Its origins can be found in Tangier and it is a simpler version of the complex and more famous Ras El Hanout mix of spices. Some Ras El Hanout mixtures contain as much as forty to fifty different spices, others just ten of twelve. A good La Kama recipe can be made with just five, like ours.

La Kama is a mild but fragrant and peppery blend that will easily bring the fabulous flavours of the Moroccan cuisine to your kitchen.


Use it as an all-round blend to flavour your soups and stews, either with or without meat. You can also use it as a rub on chicken or lamb. La Kama is perfect for both meat and meatless tagine dishes. In Morocco it is often used in Harira, a lentil and tomato based soup eaten during the Ramadan. But you can simply use La Kama on your eggs as well.

Pictured: all five spices used in our La Kama blend.


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